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About Us

At the Early Learning Preschool of the North we believe:

  • in respecting ourselves, each other, all living things, and materials.

  • that each child develops in their own time and we will plan activities according to their developmental needs.

  • that children learn through play while exploring the items that are present in their environment.

  • that 'Rough and Tumble' play builds trust, confidence in self, problem solving techniques, negotiating skills, and strengthens relationships.

  • that in order to support a child we must build genuine and trusting relationships with their parents/guardians because they know their child and their child's needs, the best.

  • in creating an environment of equality, and will respect all cultures, religious/spiritual beliefs, races, genders, and partnerships.

Together we will work as partners in helping your child to feel love, confidence, passion, empathy, and a thrill of learning! We will implement learning through play: offering songs, sensory experiences, art as a form of expression, outdoor play, and circle time where they will learn about the 4 seasons, months of the year, days of the week, letter and sound recognition, and much more. We will gently guide your child through the struggles of conflict, allowing them to problem solve and develop lasting relationships with those around them. We will support them in finding their voice and independence by allowing them to make choices, along with teaching and encouraging them to develop their self help skills. We will expand our program to meet the needs of the children and families in our preschool, individually and as a group. 

Upcoming Events:
Summer Preschool Camps for 2016

Week 1- Camping and Animal Safety

July 16th-20th

Week 2- Buggin Out

July 23rd-27th

Week 3- Down at the Pond

July 30th-Aug. 3rd

Week 4- Animals Around the World

August 7th-10th

Week 5- Ocean Explorers

August 13th-17th

Week 6- Relaxation/All About Me

August 20th-24th

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